One of the key goals of iCREDITS is to increase the diversity of trained scientists and engineers in intelligent smart grid technologies. We plan to do so by creating recruitment, engagement, and training solutions, sensitive to diversity in ethnicity, culture and academic background, and targeting traditionally underrepresented groups—especially Hispanics and women.

Applications for our CS Adventures 2018 summer camp will open soon! See our summer camp page for more details.

NMSU iCREDITS Summer Camps are tailored to achieve four major goals:

1) Build community among students through computing;
2) Increase student’s interest in computing;
3) Gain knowledge and exposure to introductory programming; &
4) Drastically increase all students’ confidence in Computer Science.

Each goal is achieved through specific sets of activities implemented in the summer camp. Participants are exposed to smart grid technologies and computational thinking through a variety of interactive software tools. Last summer, the tools include Parallax Boe-Bots, Arduino Solar Tracker, Solar Panel Car with Arduino, and App Inventor.

Also, if you would like to have us visit your school, we would love to hear from you at icredits@cs.nmsu.edu.

Visit our outreach affiliates page for similar programs.