The research projects in iCREDITS are along the following four main thrusts: energy, communication, coordination, and monitoring.


Goal: Develop a formulation for energy delivery, and evaluate, validate and demonstrate the concepts through simulation studies and implementation.
Primary Researchers: Satish Ranade, Wenxin Liu.


Goal: Design a novel, scalable communication architecture that enables smart grid entities to effectively communicate with each other.
Primary Researchers: Satyajayant Misra, Hong Huang, Louiza Fouli.


Goal: Design coordination mechanisms that allow smart grid entities to coordinate their actions to ensure reliable and efficient energy delivery.
Primary Researchers: William Yeoh, Son Cao Tran, Enrico Pontelli, Jeffrey Teich.


Goal: Develop techniques to detect and classify in real time disturbances occurring in transmission and distribution networks, so that system operators can appropriately respond to maintain system integrity.
Primary Researchers: Sukumar Brahma, Huiping Cao.