Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI)

NMSU is a founding member of CAHSI, which explores pedagogical interventions to enhance Hispanic participation and retention in computer science. The core purpose of CAHSI is to create a unified voice in an effort to consolidate the strengths, resources, and concerns of CAHSI institutions that are committed to increase the number of Hispanics who pursue and complete baccalaureate and advanced degrees in computing areas.

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GK-12 DISSECT: DIScover SciEnce through Computational Thinking

The overarching concept behind the DISSECT (DIScover SciEnce through Computational Thinking) project is scientific computational thinking. DISSECT enables CS graduate students to investigate the relevance of their research in the broader scientific arena, and to develop communication, leadership, and team working skills to operate outside their specific CS discipline. At the same time, traditional approaches to exposing young students to computing rely on introducing computing as a separate discipline, using high-level languages, with their idiosyncrasies; real world applications are introduced as illustration of computing concepts, often as an afterthought. DISSECT proposes to proceed in the opposite direction, by introducing computational thinking as a problem-solving methodology in the context of existing STEM courses.

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Young Women in Computing (YWiC)

Young Women in Computing Program (YWiC) is an outreach initiative developed with the vision to increase the participation in computer science (CS) activities and exposure for K-12 students in NM and western TX. YWiC is housed in the Department of Computer Science at NMSU and focuses on multidimensional program components such as in-school presentations, after-school programming, summer programs, state-wide competitions, social networking, forums and conferences, plus teacher-program collaborations that help leverage the available resources.

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