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CS Adventures 2017 will be held June 19 – 30, 12:30 – 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday, in Science Hall on the NMSU campus. The application opened in early March, and we have reached max enrollment! Add your name if you would like to sign up for the Wait List.

The camp will host 30 high school students, and include lunch, materials and supplies, plus swag (bags, notepads, pens, etc.).

The iCREDITS and GK12 summer camps over the past 2 years have been wonderful successes!

In 2015, the camp hosted 30 high school students from throughout southern New Mexico, who built outstanding projects, utilizing Parallax Boebots with PBASIC programming, Solar Tracker with Arduino using C programming, a Solar Powered Car integrating solar panels and Arduino microprocessors, and AppInventor.

In 2016, 30 campers from regional high schools created the following projects: Binary Translator Game, a Remote Control, an Analog Thermometer, LCD Screens – wiring and coding, Decoding Signals with a vehicle’s MP3 Remote, a PIN Verification system; learning the Raspberry Pi microcomputer processor using Python programming; and Ozobot Robotics.



Solar Car Races                  Boebot Races                  CS Adventures Summer Camp Experience


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