We are currently looking to hire for the following positions:

  • Post-Doctoral Researcher (Monitoring Project)
    Duties: (1) Concrete development of the main analysis workflow, which include implementing algorithms on feature selection, disturbance-file classification, and fault localization by working with both the EE and CS RAs. Some algorithms may be implemented on GPU. (2)  Write research papers documenting results.
    Requirements: The candidate must have a demonstrated expertise in the area of Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, and Classification. A sound understanding of Power Systems is also required. Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, and ability to prepare lucid documentation are important.
    Contact: Sukumar Brahma (sbrahma@nmsu.edu) or Huiping Cao (hcao@cs.nmsu.edu)
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Research Assistant (Communication Project)
    Duties: Conduct research in design of communication and networking protocols for smart grids.
    Requirements: Experience in network protocols and programming experience on the network stack. Have knowledge in protocol design, network optimization, algorithm design. US Citizen or Permanent Resident.
    Contact: Satyajayant Misra (misra@cs.nmsu.edu)
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Research Assistant (Coordination Project)
    Duties: Conduct research on multi-agent coordination mechanisms using techniques from decision theory, game theory, constraint optimization, and logic programming.
    Requirements: Good at algorithms, programming, and math. US Citizen or Permanent Resident.
    Contact: William Yeoh (wyeoh@cs.nmsu.edu) or Son Tran (tson@cs.nmsu.edu)
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Research Assistant (Monitoring Project)
    Duties: (1) Design and develop new data mining algorithms, or apply existing data mining algorithms to analyze power data and other similar time series data; (2) Perform experiments by writing programs in Java, or C/C++, or R, or MATLAB and analyze the results; (3) Write research articles based on the research outcome.
    Requirements: Good at algorithms and programming (Java or C/C++), familiar with data mining algorithms, have knowledge about data mining software (e.g., R, MATLAB), have basic writing skills. Responsible, quick learner, good at communication. US Citizen or Permanent Resident.
    Contact: Huiping Cao (hcao@cs.nmsu.edu)
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Research Assistant (Monitoring Project)
    Duties: (1) The RA will perform power system simulations on dynamic performance analysis software (PSLF) and time domain software (PSCAD); (2) Work with the CS student to develop efficient codes of different pattern recognition / dimension reduction methods, implement the code on GPU; (3) Write research papers documenting results.
    Requirements: Sound understanding of Power System Analysis, expertise in digital signal processing, and some understanding of data classification. Ability to analyze problems, work with others on the project, and prepare lucid documentation. Good communication skills important. US Citizen or Permanent Resident.
    Contact: Sukumar Brahma (sbrahma@nmsu.edu)