The vision for iCREDITS is to create a permanent and internationally recognized research center, focused on the development of the science of intelligent smart grid technologies (IST), that prepares a diverse cadre of students to make a local and global impact in the smart grids science and engineering workforce.


  • Center Infrastructure: iCREDITS will facilitate interdisciplinary research and training in IST, enabling collaborations among researchers from EE, CS, Math, Education, and Management. The infrastructure will support opportunities for interaction and collaboration, nurture ideas, provide adequate resources and expertise, and facilitate outreach and dissemination of information.
  • Research Agenda: iCREDITS will contribute to the creation of the fundamental science and engineering necessary for the energy-delivery paradigm and sustain development and deployment of the smart grids.
  • Educational Agenda: iCREDITS will increase the number of trained scientists and engineers in smart grid technologies, through the creation of a comprehensive educational pipeline, offering training options for students with diverse backgrounds and levels of preparation, and with multiple entrance and exit points.
  • Diversity: iCREDITS will increase the diversity of trained IST scientists and engineers, by creating recruitment, engagement, and training solutions, sensitive to diversity in ethnicity, culture and academic background, and targeting groups traditionally underrepresented in IST—especially Hispanics and women.
  • Sustainability and Leadership: iCREDITS will provide leadership in smart grid technologies within NMSU, the Southwest, and at the international level, promoting NMSU as a hub of knowledge and training in IST and a leader in broadening participation to IST science and engineering.